The Ultimate Long Flight Toy Soccer Glider

$49.99 $124.98

Graph showing how far the Raptor Football can fly: up to 100% farther than a regular football.

Farthest-Flying Football

Made with an advanced aerodynamic design, the Raptor Football flies farther than any other football gliders. With a ball that produces its own lift, you can double your throwing distance! In fact, advanced players can throw the Raptor Football 100+ yards.

Infographic showcasing the Raptor Football’s durable construction and heavy-duty materials.
Graph showing the flight paths when there is too much trim, too little trim, and perfect trim.

Adjustable Trim for Better Performance

Adjust the tail trim to match your style—more trim for slow throwers and less for faster throwers. When you find the perfect trim for your throwing motion, the Raptor Football will soar, fly, and glide through the air with the perfect flight pattern!